Happiness is a choice! How I chose happiness

Everyone wishes to find true happiness. But what exactly does genuine happiness encompass? Is it attaining a dream job, embracing parenthood, or obtaining a university degree? In this episode, Javad shares how he started his quest for happiness at a very low point in his personal and professional life. He asks what happiness actually is and, in an interview with the philosopher Ali Tabeshnia, Javad discusses that to truly experience genuine happiness, individuals must discover contentment within themselves because true happiness is an internal state that can be chosen

Host: Javad Tabrizchi 

Time cues
00:00 Intro
01:06 What is happiness
03:13 Introduction of Ali Tabeshnia
03:22 How to achieve happiness
03:59 Philosophy of truth and happiness
05:31 Brief introduction of philosophy of truth
07:02 My story: how I chose happiness
09:25 Thank you and good bye

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