How to get culturally UNshocked?

„From tea gifts to eating habits, join Manisha and Lina on a journey of cultural revelations!“

Manisha shares her journey from Sri Lanka to Germany, navigating cultural differences like gift-giving and direct communication. Lina adds insights into German behavior. They discuss punctuality, reservedness, and eating customs, offering perspectives on adapting to new cultural norms and experiencing reverse culture shock.

Hosts: Manisha Ukwatte and Lina Kirschbaum

Time cues

00:25 Ceylon tea
01:25 Culturally UNshocked
02:10 Behavioral observations
02:29 Cultural differences
02:21 Prejudices
02:31 Disclaimer
02:52 Direct communication style
02:54 Punctuality
02:56 Reserved behavior
02:58 Work culture
03:00 Bureaucracy and rules
09:26 Bekannte
10:15 Food and Customs
13:02 Cultural adaptation
14:21 Intercultural communication
15:31Reverse culture shock

Word lists – Translation Bekannte/r – Acquaintance
Word lists – Explanation
Ceylon Tea – Ceylon tea is both the brand of tea which is produced in Sri Lanka and a historic term describing tea from that land. Ceylon tea has been described as not only a geographical descriptor but also a pillar of Sri Lankan culture, heritage, and identity

Jingle: Felix Spieß;
Featuring: Valdas, Nabila, Javad, Lina, Manisha and Valdas‘ cat
Cover Art: Anna Mahendra