This is the podcast Talking Texts: the podcast about important texts from your degree program.  In episode 2 – Is abortion a crime? the hosts Marzia and Marlow will talk about the text  “Abortion regimes of the OECD countries and their determining factors by comparison” by Edith Gindulis. This text deals with the issue of abortion and its criminalization. It also discusses which countries have questionable abortion rights.

Time cues

00:01 introduction
01:24 opener
01:26 topic of the text
02:45 statistical background
05:28 conclusion
06:58 discussion
10:37 outro

Links and resources

Gindulis, Edith. Die Abtreibungsregime der OECD-Länder und ihre Bestimmungsfaktoren im Vergleich. Österreichische Zeitschrift für Politikwissenschaft, 2002, 31. Jg., Nr. 3, S. 315-336.

Link to the text:


Cover art: Anna Mahendra
Music: Felix Spieß