In episode 0-introducing Talking Texts season 02 you will hear about what topics are covered in this season why you should listen and what the hosts like so much about the episodes.

Time cues

00:23.1              01:06.2              What is talking texts

01:06.2              02:8.7                The single episodes in the season

02:08.7              03:19.4              Question 1:What are the episodes about?

03:19.4              05:06.1              Question 2: How will the listener benefit?

05:06.1              07:01.8              Question 3: What do the hosts like best about their episode?

07:01.8              08:40.1              Is there anything that needs to be added?

08:40.1              09:08.2              0utro and jingle


Cover art: Anna Mahendra
Music: Felix Spieß