Talking Texts – the podcast that will help you understand important texts from your degree program.

The purpose of this podcast is to make complicated texts more accessible. Reading and understanding long scientific texts is challenging, especially in a foreign language such as English. Yet, those texts are crucial. They introduce important concepts or ideas in your discipline. This is  why you need them and where this podcast comes into play.

Podcasting is a format that is more easily accessible than a written document. You can use it while running, commuting or doing other activities. More and more people are using it.

The number of podcast downloads in Germany has more than doubled in the past two years. In 2018 11% percent of the German population used podcasts (source statista did-50128-1, page 14) In 2020 24% of the German population are listening to podcasts.(source statista did-50128-1, page 2; reuters).

In other words: Podcasting is a trend. It is one of the trends I really like and it can be used in a variety of scenarios which brings me back to where I started.

Challenging texts and accessible podcasts

This podcast is the result of a teaching project in which students teach fellow students by means of a podcast. My experience is that students know very well what they need and want.

Each episode in this podcast takes one key text, isolates its main ideas and connects these ideas to something that illustrates why this text is relevant. In addition, in each episode you will learn important terms. All this is done in approximately fifteen minutes.

Therefore: feel invited to join the trend and have a look at the episodes

If you are interested in the podcast, you can download the different episodes here.